Daily Boomer: Beach or Bust!

Boomer, or Boomtown as I’m now calling him, made his first trip to the beach this weekend. I’m still trying to figure out if he loved the beach foam or the little kids everywhere more. The beach foam was fun to chase in the wind and the kids were a breath of fresh air after spending the past few weeks with boring adults. 

When it came to the waves, well let’s just say we’re undecided on Boomer’s opinion. After I walked out into the water he eventually came bounding in only to jump up and whine at me. I think he feared for my life and wanted me out of that crazy swirling water. My parents think I might be over thinking things a bit. But he seemed happiest when I picked him up, while he was soaked with water and sand, and carried him out of the water and back on to dry land. Seems the beach may take some time to get used to. I give him two months before he’s leaping into the waves head first to retrieve tennis balls.

Oh little Boomer, I am going to miss you so this time next week!


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