Currently Carrying: The New Missoni Bag for AW13

Over the past ten days I’ve been stepping out with a new favourite on my arm, straight from Margherita Missoni. A few months ago I was invited to have lunch with the charming young lady in London as she launched her accessories collection for the brand. Margherita was absolutely glowing as she spoke about her latest venture for the family business. This wasn’t just because she was pregnant (and if you follow her on instagram you’ll know she’s just about ready to deliver), it was also because she is truly one of the most warm women I have met in the business. It’s hard to leave a lunch with Margherita and not believe you are meant to be the best of gal pals for the remainder of your lives. 

A two hour lunch saw eight ladies discuss everything from elder family members to new family members on the way. Yes, we talked about the amazing collection we were there to write about, but I found I learned more about the personality of the bag after discovering the creative talent behind it. The new collection for Missoni is youthful, while retaining the classic Missoni feel. The shapes are practical and classic, yet daring and robust. The patterns are exactly what you would expect from a member of the Missoni family, but there is a contemporary interpretation there that cannot be dismissed.

In short, if you are a Missoni addict, you’ll fall head over heels in love with this new collection. However, for those amongst us that have never before bought into the Missoni brand, I do believe this just might be your entry point. 

My bag, pictured above, is not only easy on the eyes but easy on the “carry.” We all know the gorgeous bags you buy that are ridiculously hard to carry. They’re beautiful but completely useless. Well, I can happily report that couldn’t be further from the truth in this case. This Missoni Bag is large enough to fit my laptop, notepad, makeup bag, a pair of flats and a whole range of miscellaneous necessities that I “need” on me at all times. It magically expands as your load increases. But what’s genius here is the fact that the bag can take it all without breaking a sweat, or, more importantly, a strap. The handles are sturdy and well designed to not only support the load you’re carrying but also keep your hand or arm comfortable in doing so. 

In short, it’s all about Missoni for autumn winter 2013. {shop the Missoni Bag}


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