Best Dressed 2013 MTV VMAs: Selena Gomez & Daft Punk

The MTV 2013 VMA red carpet was full of surprises this evening, both good and bad. From OTT feathers to couture gowns that would have been more appropriate for other occasions, there were celebs who stepped out looking glam and others that looked as if they were stepping in the wrong direction entirely. However, we’d like to concentrate on the folks that got it right from head to toe tonight.

There can be only two winners, one for men and one for women. Ok, maybe there can be more but we’re playing by the FFG rules tonight. For the women, Selena Gomez wins best dressed hands down. Gomez stepped out in an Atelier Versace gown and stole the entire show on the red carpet. We hope Donatella Versace looks upon this red carpet triumph with a smile tomorrow morning as she gets the press images on her desk. Selena did Versace proud!

For the men, there is one winner but it’s for a pair of gentleman. Daft Punk walked down the red carpet in their cleanly cut suits and metallic accents looking as if they were ready to battle for the prize of best dressed this year. There wasn’t any competition, guys. You won this one fair and square. 

Now that best dressed is sorted,  here are a few things we didn’t understand when it came to fashion at the MTV 2013 VMAs- Miley Cyrus’s vintage Dolce & Gabbana get up, Katy Perry’s grill, Richard Simmons’ Red Carpet appearance and when selfies with celebs became the new autograph (you had to see the pre-show to get in on this action). 

Hope you all enjoyed the show! Bye, bye, bye… oh, did we forget to mention N’Sync were reunited for the big event?

Images: MTV Instagram


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