Angela Scanlon, a launderette and the new Louis Vuitton Neverfull make for a fabulous combination

When it comes to girl crushes in London, we’ve fallen hard and fast for the gorgeous Angela Scanlon. She’s witty, fiercely intelligent, incredibly brilliant when it comes to business and stylish, oh so stylish. It would make sense then that the Irish television star recently had Louis Vuitton knocking on her door asking to collaborate. I mean, why not, right? 

Scanlon was asked to model the new colourful Louis Vuitton Epi bags while showing off her favourite haunts in London. While we know Angela quite well, we would have never taken her for a launderette kind of girl. Although that being said, launderettes can be incredible soothing given the right time of day. We have no doubt Angela was the most stylish young lady doing laundry at that moment in London. Just look at that denim pinafore! 

What we truly love about all of these images is the fact that they are not at all what you would expect from Louis Vuitton. From the skateboard moment to the launderette, this is a fresh new take that only someone as sparkly as Angela Scanlon could deliver in this manner. High marks go to Louis Vuitton for championing one of London’s hottest faces at the moment. 

Here’s a look at Angela’s journey through London with her trusty Louis Vuitton Neverfull by her side…


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