Alexander Wang gives away free clothing: Five Stages of Craziness

If you haven’t already heard, there was a bit of a chaotic Alexander Wang moment last month involving one hundred fans in New York City, a massive warehouse and thousands of items of Alexander Wang clothing. 

Fans were told that a special event was happening, but no more. They stood in line, faithfully, for some time, before being led into a dark warehouse. After a few moments Alexander Wang appeared on a cinema screen. He delivered a message that would officially drive attendees over the edge…

“When the door opens, you’re going to have access to the T by Alexander Wang Collection. There’s stuff for girls, stuff for guys, some older stuff, some new stuff, some classics. And by the way, everything is free.”

Just imagine… Well, you don’t have to as there’s a video documenting the whole thing. Here are the five stages of Alexander Wang Madness and the full video…

Watch the video in full here-


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