Welcoming Karl Lagerfeld and Choupette to FFG

Last night I came in to a rather interesting surprise at Fashion Foie Gras. A package from Karl Lagerfeld was waiting in the foyer. Little did I know I would open said package to find I had houseguests. It was none other than Karl Lagerfeld and his precious kitten Choupette. Not to worry, Karl himself hadn’t been shipped over. It was, in actuality, the new Karl Lagerfeld tokiidoki x character doll

You see Karl Lagerfeld is collaborating once again and this time it’s with tokidoki on a range of ready-to-wear clothing and accessories. Oh, and of course they had to create three look-a-like dolls as well. May we be as bold as to suggest everyone needs a little Karl in their lives? 

{Karl Lagerfeld Choupette tokidoki  character doll £129}


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