Weekly Reheat: A look back at the week from Robert Redford to Ralph Lauren

Time for a look back at a relatively chilled week for FFG. Is there a better way than to kick off with Robert Redford? I’d say he does a pretty good job of reheating things all on his own. Hubba Hubba. Redford covers “50 Shades,” a brilliant coffee table book I acquired this week. Let’s just say the days are better with this gorgeous man staring back at me in the office.

And speaking of offices, I spent some time at Google this week and fell in love with the brightly coloured chairs outside the building. This is now officially my favourite place to “Chillax”…as you can see I do herewith….

I then did a little bit of bargain hunting this week and scored these outrageously beautiful earrings from The Outnet for £15.76. Yes, I am very proud of myself, although I look miserable in this picture for some strange reason. 

A visit to Claridge’s for a drink with the world’s most amazing PR woman was the perfect end to the day. If you’ve never walked into Claridge’s, may I encourage you do so even just to smell the flowers. It’s like walking into another world. Heaven! 

Then onto a quick outfit post here. It was colder at the start of the week so I kept relatively warm wearing Crumpet Cashmere and a skirt I can’t for the life of me remember where I bought. Oh and that’s the Ralph Lauren Soft Ricky swinging from my arm there.

I finished off the week with a 10K run (more like light jog) in Hyde Park. It was the most beautiful day and the Princess Diana Memorial was a stunning sight to behold as all of West London seemed to be sunbathing and splashing in its waters. 

Oh, and before  I go… a few new favourite things which I’ll cover in more depth soon. First of all, stacking rings from Pandora are a new obsession. I am simply smitten. And a huge thank you to Missoni for presenting me with a bag from their new bag launch. More to come, more to come… Stay tuned and have a great week! 


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