The best CC Cream: Ole Henriksen Perfect Truth CC Creme

BB Cream, CC Cream, soon to come DD Cream… I couldn’t tell you the first thing about any of this guys or how they came to be a trend that’s taken over the beauty industry from drug store to department store. In fact, I have been avoiding them all like the plague as they remind me of a trend in fashion, like the crop top for example, that you see everyone using and pray that it will fade away momentarily. That all being said, my favourite beauty guru Ole Henriksen encouraged me to give his a go. The way he described the cream, or creme, it truly did sound like the second coming in beauty. 

As I don’t typically wear foundation, I’m not one to really jump on board for any sort of coverage. However, I’ve started to look a tad green after losing my Antiguan tan. So, it did come to my attention that some help was needed. Out came the Ole Henriksen Perfect Truth CC Creme that had been gifted to me about a month ago.  I remember Ole telling me that it would breathe life back into my complexion. He promised not only the disappearance of dark under eye circles but also the healing of this area so that my eyes actually looked better with a clean face. Then of course there are all the fabulous ingredients that not only help rewind time but also sort out “skin issues” and protect against future damage with a built in SPF. Miracle worker, right? Skeptical me wanted to believe Ole and his claims but just couldn’t. That was until I actually decided to stop being such a downer on the CC Cream movement and try the stuff for myself. 

Fourteen days ago I began my relationship with Ole Henriksen’s Perfect Truth CC Creme. As far as relationships go, I don’t think I’ve ever before had such a blissful one in life. Not only is this relationship making me appear healthier, it’s also living up to all the promises it made on our first meeting, our first date you may say.  

After putting on my serum and moisturizer in the morning, the only other thing I am wearing is Ole’s CC Creme. It is the thinnest of coverage but the most amazing transformation. I no longer look like I’ve been pulled from the gutter but rather look like I’ve stepped out of a healthy $10,000 a week resort. That’s results, people. And even Mr. FFG has commented on the fact that, in general, I look really well rested. That, folks, means the dark circles and bad skin are going. 

I can’t say enough wonderful things about this product. Ole, you are transforming my life one product at a time. I suppose you’re officially the beauty husband now…

You can purchase Ole’s CC Creme at Sephora in the USA for $36 or at Selfridges in the UK for £29. 


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