Oscar de la Renta releasing AW13 campaign via social media…worth waiting for!

When it comes to social media, there are some brands that “get it” and others that would rather not even look at it. Sadly, those ignoring social media are missing a trick…a big one. However, those embracing the new move forward are finding ways to utilise the medium that keep us all on our toes. The latest in social media positioning comes from Oscar de la Renta. This is a brand that is certainly no stranger to social media success. Erika Bearman, Oscar de la Renta’s Senior Vice President of Global Communications, is a name that is mentioned in just about every social media report going. She is truly a case study in herself as the woman behind the uber successful @OscarPRGirl with nearly 225,000 followers on twitter. Add to that her 177,000 followers on instagram, 63,000 followers on pinterest and 623,000 followers on Tumblr and you have a social media profile that blows most brands out of the water. So you can understand that when Erika Bearman and Oscar de la Renta make a move on social media, the world listens.

Now on to what Oscar de la Renta are doing today that is worthy of such recognition. While most brands hold their new campaigns close to home before the September issues are released, Oscar de la Renta are giving there 1million+ audience a look at the goods before anyone else. Using the hashtag #ODLRFall2013, Oscar de la Renta shared the above image last night teasing us all with promises of a campaign release via social. 

So of course we’re all sitting here waiting for the big release and trust me when I say that we’ve yet to encounter an Oscar de la Renta campaign that wasn’t worth the wait! 


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