Locked in Harrods for the night: Eating cake, trying on shoes and snoozing in posh beds

As a grown-up, I do believe we lose track of most of our silly dreams and fantasies we had as kids. I’m not entirely sure why they disappear. Perhaps they were too crazy or they changed into something else over time. Whatever the reason, reality hits and the dreams dissipate. There is one dream, however, that has no age restriction. It’s the dream I do believe most of us have shared since we were old enough to shop. It is the dream of being locked in your favourite department store overnight. You have access to everything, no restrictions at all. So picture this. Harrods call me and say, “would you like to stay the night in the store and have access to absolutely everything, no restrictions?” Someone pinch me. How is this happening? Harrods is calling and asking me to come to the store after it closes. 

So we come to the night of the Harrods Lock-In, or shall we call it Harrods After Dark? Whatever terminology you’d like to use… I was about to live out all our dreams. While the lights on the outside of Harrods were still burning bright, the lights inside had nearly all been turned off and I was let loose for a wander. I honestly didn’t know where to go first so decided to just get lost. Hey, I had the whole night so why not, right?

I found myself skipping into the Christian Louboutin boutique and making friends with studded stilettos. I marched into the food hall feeling a bit peckish and discovered that Lola’s cupcakes had left me a special treat for a midnight snack. That wasn’t the only treat of the night, either. Le Labo had also heard I was a fan of their scent and had left me a personalised fragrance to pick up while I was exploring fragrances. There were surprises left, right and centre. But all this excitement soon wore me out so I found myself seeking solace between the sheets on designer beds or relaxing in chairs I have always dreamt of calling my own. 

There were moments of playing dress up, scary seconds of finding myself lost in a completely dark designer hall and hours of exercise as I made my way through the barely lit halls of Harrods. I was truly a child in the biggest candy shop. Oh, and yes I went into the actual candy shop and toyland and had way too much fun exploring the goodies that are usually reserved for tiny tots. 

While I can’t share everything now, here’s a tiny peek at what Harrods looks like after dark. I still can’t believe this happened. Watch out as there’s more to come over the next month…


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