Lunch with Kate Moss and the launch of a very interesting new Carphone Warehouse collaboration

Kate Moss for Carphone Warehouse… let’s go ahead and address the elephant in the room here. What on earth is Kate Moss doing collaborating with Carphone Warehouse? Now, I must say that is the most common reaction I’ve heard in response to this news. In fact, initially this was my reaction too. It seemed a most unlikely pairing for a collaboration. Then the invite came to have lunch with the fashion megastar to help her celebrate her new collection and I, naturally, practically ran to The Ivy Club in Soho to be a part of the festivities. When fashion’s leading lady calls, you answer. 

It took me all of 3 seconds to recognise that this collaboration between Kate Moss and Carphone Warehouse was a work of absolute genius. Forgive me Kate, as I did have my doubts. I’ve never felt so wrong about anything before. From the gorgeous leather iPad cases to the leather and gold iPhone covers, if the store had been opened then and there I would have bought one of each and more for gifts.  

Beside the gorgeous luncheon table, Kate Moss and Carphone Warehouse had set up a table full of the collection as well as the items that influenced Kate’s creative process. Yes, she was very heavily involved in the process from start to finish. The logo itself is actually one of Kate’s tattoos and each and every detail of this rock’n’roll type collection can be traced back to an inspiration from Kate Moss’s world. 

After having spoken to a few people on Kate’s team, I did completely understand the concept behind this idea. Essentially mobile phones are usually either cheap and cheerful or pricey and over the top. There aren’t many that come in around the £25 mark, are real leather and look the part of a fashionable accessory. Only now that does exist with the Kate Moss for Carphone Warehouse line. Their whole idea came about because of a very obvious gap in the marketplace. It truly is a fantastic first effort. I say “first” as I have it on good authority that this is not her last with the company…

Look for the collection to hit Carphone Warehouse stores, both bricks & mortar and online, in the UK next week. 

Thank you to Kate and Carphone Warehouse for inviting us to a lovely lunch and proving to all of us that there are still surprises to be had in the world of wonderful collaborations.


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