Facial in an oxygen bubble any one?

I’ve tried some pretty strange stuff since I started Fashion Foie Gras, but stepping into a pop-up bubble for a facial has to be up there in the odd list. Let me take a step back here and explain. One Aldwych hotel had a pop up at the end of June for one week only with a pure oxygen bubble from Natura Bisse. Called the Natura Bisse Pure air, the bubble was brought in to showcase a new line of treatments in the spa that centre around oxygen and the skin. To celebrate they brought in the unique bubble for journalists to experience an Oxygen facial that was done in air that was 99% pure oxygen. Trust me, you don’t want me to go into the details on what our skin is breathing in every day here in the big city. It’s nasty and it made me cringe when my facialist went into the nitty gritty. Let’s just say I was sold on the idea that my skin needed some assistance from a pure source.

After speaking with the expert, downing a gorgeous fresh fruit smoothie and promising I wasn’t afraid of enclosed spaces, we stepped into the Natura Bisse Pure Air Bubble where I was treated to the most luxurious facial. While I am not entirely sure that the oxygen in the bubble made all the difference, it could have just as easily been the amazing products and talented treatment therapist, I did see a glowing face staring back at me in the mirror that following afternoon.

Now here’s the bad news… the bubble isn’t at One Aldwych permanently. However, the new Natura Bisse products and the amazing facialist are both there for the duration. So if you’re looking for a luxurious afternoon with a woman who knows her way around a city of pores, this is your final destination.

Visit One Aldwych for more details.


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