Cameron Diaz named artistic director for fashion brand

posted on: Monday, 22 July 2013

Let’s go ahead and just say what we’re all thinking here. Celebrities as artistic directors of fashion brands have not had the greatest track record. Need I remind you of Lindsay Lohan’s stint with Emanual Ungaro? We’ll be polite here and simply say that didn’t turn out so swell. So you can understand that when reading a report on WWD stating Cameron Diaz is to be named as an artistic director for a fashion brand, we would naturally have reservations.  Diaz, who has already started her role as artistic director for Pour La Victoire, may just be a different story and here’s why.

Whereas previous celebrities have simply stepped into the role as artistic director, Cameron Diaz is actually taking a financial stake in her success. She’s not just playing with a brand, she’s playing with a brand where she has invested her own money. The exact amount has not be disclosed but we all know we take these things a bit more seriously when our own pocket change is involved. Yes, we’re calling it pocket change as God only knows how much Cameron Diaz is worth and we’d be willing to bet she hasn’t put all her eggs in one basket. In fact, one mistake here and she’d need only book one film role to recover financially. However, the investment is a step forward. So one point to Diaz.

Now let’s take a look at what Pour La Victoire is all about and why Cameron Diaz as artistic director might actually make sense. PVL is an accessories label, specialising in handbags and shoes. All it takes is one flick back through Cameron Diaz’s street style history and you’ll see that the woman does have a keen eye for all things fabulous when it comes to shoes and bags. In fact, she regular features on best dressed lists that she scores mega points with for her accessorising. She’s not flashy, she’s a classic look and some of the most popular handbags at the moment are the understated classics. Diaz recognises this and told WWD that this will give her the opportunity to create something “timeless.”

We’ll have to wait for spring 2014 to see if that “timeless” feel really comes through in her work, as this is when the first Cameron Diaz for Pour La Victoire collection will be sold. However, the brand will showcase a series for autumn winter 2013 called “Cameron’s Picks,” which will contain a Cameron curated selection of the collection.

We have no word yet on whether or not Cameron Diaz will step from behind her desk at PVL to also star in the campaign. We’ll keep you in the loop as we hear!

Image via WWD