British Conde Nast sites may see highest traffic ever today because of dinosaurs with fancy hats

Now I’m sure after reading the above title you are thinking that the FFG office has officially lost the plot. I assure you, brains are still in tact and substance free. We haven’t dipped into the wine cellar and decided to write a piece about British Vogue and Dinosaurs for no reason.

Earlier today, Buzzfeed reported the most unusual series of events unfolding over on the UK Conde Nast sites, including Vogue, GQ and Easy Living. Here’s where things get a bit computer geeky. Anyone remember the video gaming code called the Konami Code that we all used to apply for more lives on Nintendo, etc, back in the day? Well, if you type the same code in on any UK Conde Nast site, you get a rather unusual surprise that doesn’t involve free subscriptions. After applying the code, your view of the site becomes obstructed by dinosaurs wearing chic hats. We kid you not!

Now whether this a hack or someone at Conde Nast having a bit of fun, it’s all unclear. Secretly we’re hoping this is just a wonderful piece of code written without anyone at all knowing. Until of course you get Miss Clever Fashionista logging on to Vogue and trying out a code that’s always been so dear in the virtual world.

Crazy times, people, crazy times.


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