Where to buy size 43 shoes? (9 UK, 12 USA)

This one’s for the ladies who are having trouble finding stylish shoes to fit larger sized feet. It’s a tough haul out there. The styles on shelves are usually boxy, about as un-on-trend as you can get and look more suited for a man than a woman. However, since moving to the UK I’ve discovered a secret weapon that I was given from some of the most stylish women I know in London. When it comes to buying size 43 shoes, many recommend one place for the task – NEXT.  And now. I’m passing on this goldmine to you.

I haven’t been paid to pass on this tidbit, I simply believe it’s well worth sharing what has been a huge lifesaver for me. Anyone faced with buying shoes for a size 43 foot knows it’s a burden that can be rather heartbreaking. It’s tough when you see other women out and about wearing fantastic footwear you know you can’t squeeze into. There’s no diet for your feet, as far as I’m aware. Apparently there are women getting toes cut off to squeeze into smaller sizes, but I’m not recommending this form of torture as I imagine it puts a dent in your footwear options… no summer sandals for those ladies.

So, put aside the pain and suffering of squeezing into smaller sizes and rock some shoes that actually fit and look good. NEXT gets the official FFG seal of approval. The styles pictured above are just some of the great pieces they have in stock this season. My work here is done. Information passed on, now I need to be off for a round of shoe stock updating! {Shop NEXT shoes}


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