Wearing flowers in my hair for festival…

Today I spent a rather crazy afternoon filming with Boohoo at the ParkLife Festival in Manchester. It was an amazing adventure in discovering new style and talking to women about what looks work best for them when out and about in the heat for the great British festivals. From barely there cut-off shorts to boob tubes, the name of the game seemed to be “less is more”. I don’t mean in style, I mean the less clothing the better off you are, or at least think you are. Never before have I seen more on show for all the world to take in. While it might not all have been my cup of tea, there was one trend that certainly was… flowers at festival. Hundreds of women walked the grounds wearing beautiful bouquets in their hair. I decided to follow suit and grabbed a flower headband from the Boohoo bus to wear throughout my stay.

As so many of you asked about where you could find the floral headdress I was sporting, I did a little digging and found that the same exact flowery headband is in fact on sale on the site for a mere £8. So if you’re looking for some stylish head decor for your next festival, may I recommend you try this beauty on for size? {Boohoo Fearne Floral Headband}


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