Videos: John Galliano’s Charlie Rose Interview

The interview we’ve all been waiting for has happened and aired. John Galliano spent an hour talking to Charlie Rose on Thursday night on national television and it was a vision of Galliano we have rarely seen before. John Galliano was presented on screen with a sleek ponytail and an unassuming navy suit and blue shirt combination. If we didn’t know better we’d think this was a top executive, not the eclectic fashion designer that had the world’s gossip rags churning this time two years ago.

While the interview was tense at times, as Charlie Rose showed no mercy, it was most definitely one which allowed Galliano to say what needed to be said. Galliano speaks about Alexander McQueen, the pressure of being only as good as your last collection and, of course, the remarks that led to his dismisal from Dior.

Here are a few video clips from the interview. You can watch the full interview on now.


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