UGG launches Project Classic: How to get involved and my own story with the brand

When it comes to UGG boots, love them or hate them, you can’t argue that there is a real conversation around this footwear. For me, my love affair with the classic UGG boot is a tale as old as time.

It was on a beach that I met my first pair of UGG boots. My boyfriend, at the time, was a surfer and seemed to know more about the Californian trends for fashion than I did. Obviously he was clued in, as it was actually his pair of UGG boots that I snuggled into for the first time. As he was looking for a rideable wave, I was wiggling my toes in the warm fuzzy sheepskin to keep the chilly Cali morning air at bay. You see, he and all of his surfer buddies wore UGG boots to keep their feet warm as they came out of the ocean after a morning of shredding the waves. It wasn’t long before said boyfriend realized he would have to buy me my own pair to keep his available every morning. I became a bit of an addict.

It wasn’t long before my classic UGG boots moved from shore to city. I wore my UGG boots into work one day in London (an office where the average age was 55) and I heard whispers of “Moon Boots,” “Journey to Mars,” “comfort over style.” The boots were “misunderstood” at first, but then I started to see women around London embracing the trend as I was… and a boot revolution was born. Since then, my UGG boots have seen me through breakups (yes, the surfer has left the picture), surgeries, serious travel and more. If a grown woman can have a security blanket, mine are my classic UGG boots.

So when UGG approached me and asked me to spread the word about their latest project, concerning the classic UGG boot, I was more than happy to do so… considering my history with the brand. I took my favourite classic UGG boots home with me to the ocean this weekend and took a few shots of them, on their own, in the places I wear them most!

And as it happens, I am not the only one out there with a serious addiction to these sheepskin sole saviours. UGG have created a page where fans of the brand can upload and share their favourite UGG moments. Called Project Classic, this is sure to be a hit with fans of the brand. Share your love for your UGG boots and upload your stylish attire or just a favourite picture of your UGG boots in your favourite place. Share the love, share an UGG!

Oh, and keep an eye out on Fashion Foie Gras’ twitter page tomorrow as we’ll be launching a special competition in conjunction with the new project.

Off to hop on another plane now… and can you guess what I’m wearing on my feet?


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