Therapy in a candle: NEOM Enchants

At the offices of FFG, you will rarely enter without finding a candle burning in every room. At the moment, all areas are scented by lovely NEOM candles, a newly discovered obsession. Apparently NEOM has quite the cult following as more than a few people have entered our space declaring they have the same scent burning strong in their own households. Who knew?

NEOM candles are completely unique in that they do offer several benefits not found with your average scented candle. For starters, these guys are made with vegetable wax and pure essential oils, rather than those nasty synthetic fragrances found in other candles. They also not only provide a lovely smell but also one that is quite therapeutic. They work as a holistic treatment and NEOM encourage that you allow them to burn for 2-4 hours to fully enjoy their benefits. Considering that the NEOM Enchantment Candle burns for 50 hours, that’s a lot of therapy built into one package. Trust me when I say that we need all the help we can get to keep stress at bay. Currently, we’re hoping the NEOM candle can destress as well as scent to the best of its ability. It’s certainly doing a fabulous job so far!

{NEOM Enchantment Candle £42}


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