Summer Shape Up: Hypoxi at Harrods helps shed 8 pounds and 16 centimetres

A few months ago I announced to the world that I was going to do a big ole summer shape-up. It looked like I had a clear calendar to really focus some time on checking out what’s new in the world of fitness in London. Well, as these things go, the exact opposite happened. Timing was poor in the end and I’ve spent more time on airplanes than in gyms over the past eight weeks. That all being said, I do know for a fact I’d be a lot worse off had it not been for one particular regime I stuck with a month before I took off to gallivanting around the world.

Let me give you a little background here. I was sitting at breakfast three months ago with a friend who is a bit of a name in the industry and I had told her I’d heard about this thing called Hypoxi that had really worked in helping people with whittling down their waists and helping manage that little problem we call cellulite. Said friend grabbed my hand and said, “darling, I’ve been doing this for ages. In fact, I fell so in love I bought my own machine. You have to try it.” Well, I knew for a fact I wouldn’t be buying my own machine. This woman drives a Rolls and lives in a five bedroom town home off Regent’s Park. Buying one of these machines is probably the equivalent for her of me buying a Kit-Kat. That all being said, I decided to look into it. Apparently Harrods had a Hypoxi unit that was very popular in their body clinic.

That afternoon I picked up the phone to the Harrods press office and asked if I could have a trial for review. They very kindly arranged for me to have three Hypoxi sessions. At this point you are probably asking, “what the hell is Hypoxi?” I wasn’t quite sure myself as I walked in the door to meet with the technicians for the first time. I thought it might be another fad in London and if nothing else would make for a good story on what we are willing to spend to go cellulite free.

Now before I go any further, I’ll share with you what Hypoxi describes itself to be. There’s no point in me trying to rewrite this as I’m sure I’ll just get it wrong:

The HYPOXI-Method uses the natural principles of lipid metabolism to systematically reduce undesired fat deposits, an effect that does not usually occur when losing weight using the more traditional methods. At the same time, the training continually improves the complexion. Modern training devices, a holistic approach and personal supervision by your HYPOXI-Coach ensure long-term effectiveness.

Totally lost? Not to worry as I’m going to walk you through this whole thing. First up, on your initial consultation you get measured and weighed. I nearly cried when I got on the scale. It’s been a while since those numbers and I have come face to face. But it wasn’t the number on the scale that really had me panicked. The technicians actually run a complete body screen showing you where you have the most muscle, fat, water retention, etc. Alarm bells were raised when the reports displayed that while I had great muscle mass and wasn’t too out of shape, I did have a problem with visceral fat. Just saying it sounds horrible but it’s an important point to make. Visceral fat is the fat that is around your organs. Basically it’s the most important part of your body to keep lean and I was showing the exact opposite. This was enough to scare me into action. The lovely ladies at Hypoxi assured me my time there would most definitely help.

So here is what I wanted to get out of the experience. I wanted to lower my percentage of visceral fat, shrink my bum slightly and try and smooth out some lumps and bumps that had developed over time (I blame the amount of time I sit on my behind writing this blog). I was told I would need 12 sessions to really do the trick. I was booked in for three complimentary and told I could decide at the end if I wanted to pay and progress further.

I had three Hypoxi appointments that first week at Harrods and they all went a little something like this. Fully clothed, I would slip into a suit that closely resembled a space suit. I would then lie on a bed and watch as parts of the suit were connected to tubes that then made me look like I was an extra from The Matrix. The suit was actually a massage suit and it worked to get blood circulating in my body, a key element in fat reduction. This was always my favourite part of the treatment as I would just turn on the iPod and drift away to dreamland for 20 minutes. 

After the suit comes off, it’s time for the hard work. You are put into a garment that looks like you’ve borrowed a skirt from Lady Gaga’s latest tour and placed in a machine where you are locked in from the waist down. For thirty minutes I pedalled on a bike. When I say this is hard work, I am most certainly lying. You actually aren’t allowed to over exert yourself so the pace was more like taking a leisurely bike ride around Hyde Park. Sweat is pretty much non-existent here. For a work out that seems to do more for you than much else, you truly feel as if you have been to a spa rather than a gym.

Now, after three sessions I took some time to examine the results. I was told I would see a little change but nothing too drastic. That was certainly not the case for me. After three sessions I marched right back in and laid my credit card down to buy 12 more. This was not an easy thing to do but the results spoke for themselves and I was hooked.

After six sessions, you are asked to weigh in again and get measured so that the Hypoxi team can double check and make sure everything is moving as it should. I am pleased to report that after three weeks of using Hypoxi on and off (based around travel), I had lost 8 pounds and shed 16 centimetres from my lower body. The unsightly cellulite on my bum and thighs had decreased greatly and I’m not even done yet. However, the best news was that my visceral fat had gone back down into the normal range. Thank goodness. Fewer cheeseburgers for me moving forward! 

Now, they did ask me if I wanted to do a before and after picture but I politely declined. I know we both know each other pretty well after four years of me writing and you reading, but there are certain lines I ain’t crossing.

While Hypoxi sessions are not a cheap option for keeping fit, they are most certainly effective and definitely get the FFG seal of approval.

For more info visit The Body Clinic at Harrods


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