Parody: Feminist Makeup Tutorial

This is just too good not to share. While many beauty vlogs seem to be running together these days, this vlogger has taken the most unlikely approach to standing out from the pack. Vlogger TadeleSmith was averaging around 1,500+ views on her Youtube posts until June 13th 2013, when she posted the “Feminist Makeup Tutorial.” Since publishing, the video has received over 45,000 views (at time of writing) and over 753 comments. Tadelesmith tells us “this fresh and powerful look will give you the upper hand in defeating your male enemies.”

Favourite line: When speaking about her foundation, Tadelesmith says “make sure you give your entire face fair and equal representation, unlike the government and primetime television.” And the brilliance continues from there… hilarious. Although, we do think she goes a bit far with her choice of comment about the red lipstick…

First Spotted on Jezebel


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