London Windows: Moschino’s giant swan

Some of my most magnificent moments in London have involved lazy days walking down shop lined streets. I am a window shopper. By that, I don’t mean I buy what I see in the windows, but instead hunt for windows that are worthy of recognition. I shop for originality and London very rarely lets me down on these expeditions. The retail windows in this city are truly some of the best in the world.

Last week, as I was walking to a meeting on Conduit Street, I passed Moschino. This is a retailer that dresses their windows to impress. Sometimes it’s a giant sofa, other times a birdcage. On this particular day, I was greeted by a giant swan that looked like it belonged in an amusement park ride. While I can’t pinpoint why this visual is so strong, there is no arguing that it is a sensational visual that attracts attention from every passing customer.


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