Kraft’s Zest Man begs the question “does sex sell for women?”

Over the past few weeks, Americans have opened magazines to find a rather peculiar ad staring back at them. A naked man, with a picnic blanket draped across his unmentionables, lies on a double page spread with nothing but a picnic basket by his side. I reckon it’s taken most of us a minute or two to figure out what exactly the advertisement is promoting. Then you glance down, see the Kraft logo and scan back over to find zesty dressing. Aw, yes, it’s salad dressing that we’re selling here. 

What started with the Diet Coke Break Man, has been taken a few steps further with the creatives over at Kraft who reckon a good looking man will cause us all to run to our nearest grocery store and buy up all the Kraft Zest we can get our mitts on. 

Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case for all women as one organization in the USA has voiced a great deal of concern over the advertisement. One Million Moms has released an interesting statement responding to the daring advertisement:

Kraft has gone too far and will push away loyal, conservative customers with this new ad campaign. Christians will not be able to buy Kraft dressings or any of their products until they clean up their advertising. The consumers they are attempting to attract – women and mothers – are the very ones they are driving away. Who will want Kraft products in their fridge or pantry if this vulgarity is what they represent?

One Million Moms cannot get over the gall of this company. It is unnecessary for Kraft to use s*x to sell salad dressing! (An asterisk is used to ensure our emails get through to those who have signed up to receive our alerts. Otherwise, referencing specific words would cause our emails to be blocked by some Internet filters.)

Well, if they thought the print ad was racy, I do wonder what they’ll think of this Kraft Zesty commercial going viral… What do you think? Are you wanting a taste of the Zest now?


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