Jumby Bay with Heidi Klein Day Three, Part one: The Beach Office

It’s tough writing a report on a day where your office, by morning, is sea and sand and, by afternoon, has a view that can only be described as a scene from Jurassic Park. But that’s the cards I’ve been dealt here on the heidi klein shoot on Jumby Bay.

This morning I took in the delights of the main beach on Jumby Bay. I had been hearing for ages that this was an experience that is truly second to none. Saying all that, I had no idea what to expect and had no idea why this beach would be any different than any other tropical paradise. Surely if you’ve seen one gorgeous seascape, you’ve seen them all. Oh how truly naive I was.

First of all, the sea on Jumby Bay is a beautiful lapping sea. There are no harsh breaking waves, nor are there strong currents, cold waters or great fluctuations with tides. There’s just a coastline that welcomes one to sit in the water for hours on end, enjoying a refreshing break from the harsh sun. I lay in the water this morning from 9:45am right through until 12:30pm. Actually, I shouldn’t say I “lay”. It was more like I perched, as I had one hand above the water holding my book. The other hand was free for my next favourite part about this paradise off the coast of Antigua.

At Jumby Bay, when you lay on the beach you are not only getting the best view and the calmest sea, you are also getting spoiled rotten by the wonderful staff on the resort. Every ten minutes a lovely member of the Jumby Bay staff approaches you, as you float, with a tray of goodies in hand. In my three hour sea session I was offered everything from Pina Coladas to tropical fruits. If I didn’t have to go and do some actual work in the afternoon, I would have stayed put for another three hours and happily polished off another book and another five rounds of drinks and nibbles. But let’s remember we’re all here to work… and work we did. But let’s leave the “work bit” for part 2 shall we?

Before we do… here are a few more pictures from paradise…


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