Jumby Bay with Heidi Klein Day Three, Part Two: The Model Arrives

This afternoon the beautiful Le Call, our model for the heidi klein shoot, arrived on set at Jumby Bay. So, what do you do with a model on the first afternoon of a bathing suit shoot? Well, it’s all about the fitting. Today we spent time looking through outfits, locations, hair and makeup. Everything has to be in order before you head out on the day to shoot on location. It’s amazing to watch this team work. It’s like watching a perfect symphony come to life. Every single part of this orchestra is important and each and every person knows exactly what is required to get the job done correctly.

Le Call’s makeup and hair were done to perfection. Both the brand and the photographer have to agree on a look that will work well with the vibe they are trying to create for the campaign. This is a wonderful process to behold and one that I thought would cause much more conflict than it did. Once again I have to stress that this just all seems to easy. Everyone is on the same page and it’s scary how seamless it all appears.

After makeup it’s time to “fit the model.” Le Call tried on a few pieces from the collection to make sure everything is a perfect fit and, not to worry, it’s all a go!

In the end, it’s the organisation that most likely takes longer than everything else here. Jonathan Glynn-Smith, the photographer,  has to work with the team to make sure that locations work with outfits, outfits work with the model and hair and makeup work with all of the above. You plan as much as you can and then it’s down to making it all happen on the day. And speaking of that day… it’s now 1:00am in Antigua and we have a 6am call time tomorrow morning. So on that note I will wish you all goodnight and remind you to follow Fashion Foie Gras on Twitter to catch a live glimpse at the fun being had by all tomorrow on our first day of shooting around Jumby Bay.

Images courtesy of Jonathan Glynn-Smith


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