Jumby Bay with Heidi Klein Day Five: From boat to deserted island

Today as our boat left the dock at Jumby Bay, en route to our island shoot location, I shared my thoughts with Heidi, of heidi klein of course, on switching things up a bit with content for FFG. I said, “I think the FFG reader may be growing tired of looking at absolute paradise and might want something a little different today.” Little did I know that this comment would frame the next nine hours for us all as we went from boat to sailboat to island and back again.

The day began with the model, photographer and makeup artist on a sailboat together. They constructed their shots and the rest of us were anchored on a boat a bit further away. As we watched the trio work their magic, thoughts on shots were shared across the sea. However, when the call came from Jonathan Gynn-Smith that new memory cards were needed, I decided it was time to put my many summers of lifeguarding into action. I jumped off the boat, lifted my arm into the air and offered to swim the cards over so we wouldn’t have to un-anchor and drive over as a team. I think this was the point at which the entire crew realised they were dealing with a rather unusual blogger. This was just the start of what would be a day of unexpected events.

We sailed through the first shots quite quickly and winged our way around to Bird Island to continue our adventure. Upon anchoring on the shore we were met with an entire group of school children who were exploring the island on a field trip. You can imagine how wide their smiles stretched when they realised we were on island to shoot a famous model for a bikini campaign. You would have thought we’d just told them they were going to star in a movie. It’s times like these you remember how glamorous a world it is you work in.

It wasn’t long before the school children departed and we were left alone on the island to carry on shooting. And it wasn’t long after that that we found ourselves sitting around a table talking about deserted island movies. You see the island looked like it needed Tom Hanks and a volleyball in residence. It was beautiful, untouched and filled with natural character. Basically, it was a photographer’s dream location when it comes to shooting a swimwear brand.

Le Call, the model, moved from coral reef to driftwood, picnic bench to treetop in the course of one afternoon. She showcased an amazing ability to adapt to any location and a knack for “giving good face” no matter her position. The shots are, quite simply put, breathtaking. You might say what we have here is the ultimate dream team of photo shoots and not a moment passed where I wasn’t thinking about how incredibly easy they made it all look. It was, in truth, anything but. As I write I know that the majority of us are running on empty. Even though we are all so exhausted it’s hard to move (although that might just be the slight sunburns), most of the crew are still up working away and prepping for the final day of shooting.

I so wish there were a way to capture the excitement on set everyday. While the pictures below display beautiful smiles and fantastic shots, they can never capture the real joy that happens on set. There is joy when a great smile is captured, when a look is perfectly placed, when the boat to take us home finally arrives and we discover we won’t have to live all together on this deserted island. The real excitement on set happens at the most unexpected moments when you, as a team, get to experience the thrill together.

It’s hard to believe it’s all nearly over. Tomorrow is our final day on set and most of the team will be headed back to London tomorrow night. So that means one more story for you all and I’m thinking tomorrow will be a day to remember, so stay tuned!

Photography: Jonathan Glynn-Smith


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