Happy Father’s Day, Father Goose!

It’s that time of year again… Father’s Day. And once again I’m not at home with my father. My parents are going to one day just give up on this goose entirely. I’m useless at being home for holidays. Instead I’m sitting on the Isle of Wight at a music festival watching people around we sway too and fro to the music, half because they love it and the other half because they can’t see straight due to the amount of alcohol consumed. Wouldn’t dad be proud?

That’s the funny thing, you see. My dad is proud, regardless. There are plenty of reasons for him to shake his head and say, “what on earth is my daughter doing with her life? Fashion Foie Gras? Why is she writing a blog about fashion when she could be working as an accountant or raising a family or doing something generally more sensible?” But you know what? He does the exact opposite.

Over the past four years I’ve called home crying more than I can count. I’ve been frustrated, confused, lonely and feeling oh so far away from everything I grew up with, everything that was familiar. Most of the calls home were due to lack of sleep and were absolutely ridiculous in nature. But my dad took every call that came in. Whether he was in a meeting or en route to the golf course (sorry, dad… had to throw that one in), he always took the call. He listened to my nonsensical dribble and he told me everything was going to be ok, and I listened. Then the next morning I’d wake up and push harder knowing I could take it, knowing someone would be there to catch me if it all fell apart.

My dad has also been Fashion Foie Gras’ most loyal reader. Every morning he reads the Wall Street Journal and Fashion Foie Gras. How’s that for a combination? He’s taken time to call me and talk about issues in fashion and he’s taken a keen interest in trying to understand the world I roll around in at the moment. If ever there were a fan club created, I have a feeling my dad would be the founder and President.

Dad, you have been my rock. While I’m not there to say it there in person, thank you for everything you’ve done. FFG would have cracked and fallen to pieces a long time ago had you not been here to keep putting it back together. 

I love you, Happy Father’s Day!


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