Follow FFG on Bloglovin, Flipboard and more after Google Reader Closes on July 1st

Dear FFG Readers,

There are a large number of you that are following Fashion Foie Gras through Google Reader. As you may have heard recently, Google Reader will be shutting down on the first of July! I do not want you to get left out in the cold so I thought I’d share with you a few different ways that I’ll be keeping up with my blogs, including making sure FFG still looks ok for you on the feeds.

When Google announced it was closing Google Reader, Bloglovin’ was one of the first to step up to the plate to announce its service as the next best thing. I was never one to recommend Bloglovin’ to readers, but have been using the service for a few weeks now to check out the quality of the site and I must say I am impressed. So for those of you looking for a daily reliable RSS feed, Bloglovin’ is an easy option. You can follow Fashion Foie Gras on Bloglovin, all on its own to start, or import all of your Google Reader blogs instantly.

Now, for those of you that are more on the go with reading your blogs, there are two apps I definitely recommend checking out. First up, there’s Flipboard. Flipboard users swear by this platform on their phones and I second that passion. It’s a great place to easily flip through the newest stories and choose what you want to read further and what you’d like to ignore. Here’s hoping FFG is always a click through, eh?  For as many people as there are that love Flipboard, you’ll find an equal number that will recommend Pulse. This is really a case of try them both and see which one fits better for you and how you like to read.

As always, I’d like to thank you for reading, no matter what platform you use or whether you’re still one of the tens of thousands that visits the site simply by typing in the URL daily!

Much Love,



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