Burberry & Google partner to send digital kisses

We very rarely fall head over heels in love with new campaigns these days. Seems almost everything’s been done and there’s no reinventing the wheel. That is, of course, until you bring together two massive creative forces like Burberry and Google. This morning the duo launched Burberry Kisses, a platform aimed at “bringing emotion to technology.”

“We’re constantly thinking about how we translate the emotion of what we create and experience in the real world into the digital space, whether that’s
capturing the energy and excitement of a live gig, the hum and buzz of anticipation before a runway show, or just the feeling you get when you pull on your
trench coat on a rainy morning.

Burberry Kisses began with the idea of giving technology a bit of heart and soul, and using it to unite the Burberry family across the world
– by telling a story that makes the digital personal.” 
said Christopher Bailey, Burberry Chief Creative Officer

In a nutshell, upon visiting Kisses.Burberry.com on your mobile phone or web browser (must be Chrome), you are asked to kiss the screen and leave a lip print. This lip print is then used to seal a love letter that you share around the world. As the letter leaves your neighbourhood and makes it’s way to the addressee, Burberry and Google share a visual experience of a digital mail out. It’s a beautiful activity and one we’ve already played with way too much this morning.

Here’s a look at how our experience progressed….


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