Blog Love: An interview with Kat Williams of Rock’N’Roll Bride Fame

Rock n Roll Bride is one of the leading bridal blogs at the moment. Quite frankly we can’t get enough… And there aren’t even any wedding rings on our fingers yet. I had the great pleasure of speaking on a panel with Rock’N’Roll Bride’s founder Kat Williams recently and instantly wanted to share her journey with my readers. She has created a blog that has a truly cult-like following and continues to grow daily. Kat agreed to an interview, and the rest is below. Enjoy, follow and dream of beautiful and unique weddings ahead…

Can you tell us how you started the blog and what has motivated you to keep going over the years?

I started my blog when I was planning my own wedding to Gareth in 2007. At the time I didn’t even consider this could become a career, I simply wanted a place to collate all my wedding ideas and inspiration.

Throughout my planning wasn’t particularly impressed with the wedding magazines but luckily I discovered American wedding blogs (there were none in the UK at the time) which shared slightly quirkier weddings than the mags. I felt like I’d found my people! I loved the instant nature of blogging and really enjoyed browsing them daily and leaving comments on the things that I liked. This was before social media really took off for the masses and I quickly started to feel part of the community and so I wanted to start my own blog too.

I came up with the name pretty easily (I actually think it was our wedding photographers who labelled Gareth and I as their ‘Rock n Roll’ couple!) and started to blog about planning our wedding.  We were married in April 2008 but after it was over I didn’t want to give up looking at gorgeous weddings or blogging. So I decided to morph the site into a place for alternative wedding inspiration. Sharing more alternative, offbeat and quirky weddings seemed natural to me. No-one else was really doing it and these were always the kinds of weddings that I got most excited about.

I kept motivated pretty easily… in fact it never really felt like a chore because I just loved it so much! I didn’t even care that no-one was reading it because I was just collecting and sharing things I was really excited about. I’ve always had a bit of an obsessive personality! As the readership grew, people started commenting and others started submitting their weddings to me my excitement was ramped up ten-fold. I was unstoppable!

The title alone makes your blog stick out from all the rest but can you explain for ffg readers what it is you hope to communicate through the blog on a daily basis? What you hope your readers take away?

Thanks! My main aim, alongside sharing alternative weddings, has always been to inspire brides and grooms-to be to plan their wedding their way. I encourage my readers to buck tradition but most of all to be authentic and weird and to make their wedding completely perfect for them!

As it says on my about page, “Rock n Roll Bride promotes individuality and general awesomeness within a cookie cutter, pastel and often puke-worthy wedding world. Don’t let the wedding industry define your day – let you define your day.

My aim with Rock n Roll Bride is to provide a little haven of kick ass weddingness. If you’ve ever picked up a bridal magazine and felt queasy, or trawled the internet and felt disheartened by what you didn’t find, well my friend you are in the right place! Rock n Roll Bride is all about the charm and unique nature of ordinary people’s extraordinary weddings. There is no ideal Rock n Roll Bride. What I love isn’t necessarily what floats your boat and what makes the weddings I feature so amazing is YOU!”

Let’s jump straight on to style. You, like your blog, have a unique style that makes you stand out from the pack. In an age where bloggers are all starting to look samey-same, this is quite frankly refreshing. Let’s start with the pink hair… Why pink?

I just love pink! I’m not really a girly girl but there’s something about the colour that I’ve always loved. My hair has been every colour of the rainbow – blue, purple, green (that wasn’t my best look), yellow, orange, red… and rainbow too! But I always went back to pink, in a weird way it felt like my natural colour.

Even as an insecure teenager I knew I didn’t want to look like everybody else and dying my hair crazy colours was a way to do that (it’s getting a lot more mainstream though now – sigh!)

And on to the body art. You’ve done a lot of decorating. What was your first tattoo? How many do you have and what’s your next one going to be? 

My first tattoo was a ‘tramp stamp’ on my lower back! I got it when I was 15 – not my finest hour. It’s a tribal design and thank goodness I got it in a place that’s not on display. It actually doesn’t bother me that it’s not the coolest tattoo or anything though, it reminds me of that time in my life and I’m weirdly attached to it.

I have six tattoos in total and obviously my sleeve is the biggest. I’m actually getting some more work done on it TODAY as there are a few areas I’ve never been happy with and want reworked. I found the girl who’s going to do it on Instagram of all places! I haven’t got any plans for any more at the moment but never say never!

Has your style changed since you started the blog? Obviously style evolves over the years, but do you believe the blogosphere has affected the way in which you dress?

Yes – so much! Weirdly, when I started the blog I was going through my most conventional phase to date. I’d left university two years before and dyed my hair back to my natural colour (black!) to get a job. I figured it was time to grow up or something… I was working as a producer of a shopping channel and although I wasn’t dressing totally drab; my style was definitely very ‘safe’.

Working on the blog and seeing so many alterative couples bucking tradition and shouting with their own unique voice strangely gave me more confidence to really be myself again.  I’ve certainly morphed into the caricature that I created for myself. I started being braver with my fashion choices, dyed my hair back to pink and I got my biggest tattoo.

There are so many people that live their whole lives trying to impress everybody else and wanting to be the most popular and coolest or whatever, but through really embracing who I am – worts, fashion faux pas and all I’ve really been able to connect with freaks like me (I mean that as a term of endearment!) as well as feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin. It’s taken nearly 30 years but I’m just about there now!

I first came to know about your blog through The Blogcademy. Many were whispering about the genius of a two day workshop that helps future bloggers learn the business of blogging from start to finish. Can you tell us how this started? Where the idea came from and how it has progressed over the years?

So I had been working with Shauna for a few years. She designed my website, branding and print magazine. We’d never met but we had a great online working relationship. I actually discovered her through following Gala’s blog for years as they were friends. Gala and I had also become online friends a while back and we first met in real life when we both happened to be in LA at the same time. We went for iHop in West Hollywood!

Then in February 2012 I was in Las Vegas for WPPI (the biggest wedding photographer’s conference in the world) and again Gala and Shauna happened to be there at the same time on vacation (the jury is still out as to who was stalking who!) and we all met up and did a shoot together with some photographer friends of mine (for fun, because that’s what bloggers do isn’t it?!)

(Bear with me I’m getting there – PROMISE!) The next time Gala and I met was in New York in May 2012. I was there for a job and she lives there so we hung out all week. At the time I had just started doing my own mini blog workshops around the UK. They were super low key, held in bars and cafes and lasted 4 hours. It was just me chatting about blogging really but they were going really well and I was enjoying teaching a lot.

Anyway Gala and I spent the week talking about workshops and how it would be amazing to do a proper weekend long, covering all basis, really comprehensive class about blogging and running your own business. We ran the idea by Shauna who was completely excited too and we just took it from there really! We launched the first New York date in August 2012 and the first class took place that October.

Since then we’ve done two classes in London, one in Portland and another in Los Angeles. Next week I’m hopping back over the pond for the next round, another New York class followed by one in Minneapolis. You can read all about the workshop on our dedicated website Inc what we cover: from past students

And see photos and videos from past events!

You were telling me this is a big year for The Blogcademy. Where are you headed? Any new elements added to the agenda? 

So far this year we’ve been to Portland and Los Angeles, and next week I’m off to New York where we’re doing a class on 22nd– 23rd and the week after we’re heading up to Minneapolis. Following that we’re doing Austin in August, London in September and Brisbane, Melbourne (twice!) and Auckland in November. It’s all systems go!

We always rework certain elements after every class. We’ve done five so far and we always feel like we learn something new or have something extra we want to add to the syllabus after. We’re never satisfied! Looking back at the first class in New York last October seems like a million years ago. The class has changed so much but we’ve also learnt so much about organising events like this and teaching in general.

As you have been in this game a whole, I thought we’d ask some of the questions you probably get asked by your academy attendees…

Coolest thing that has happened as a result of blogging…

Working with Cosmopolitan Magazine has been pretty awesome…in fact getting featured in so many magazines and newspapers in general. It was always a lifelong dream of mine to be in magazine and now I’m in hundreds all over the world! Self-publishing my own print magazine (I’m working on issue 3 right now and it’s due to be published in August) has been a pretty incredible journey too.

I’ve been so lucky with some of the amazing opportunities that have come my way because of blogging, it’s hard to list them all! However getting to travel the world with my best friends talking about my favourite subject ever has got to be way up there!

Worst thing that has happened as a result of blogging…

It sounds like a terrible cliché but I can’t really think of anything too awful! There are, of course, some parts of the job that are difficult and stressful but it certainly beats doing anything else. I am literally doing my dream job and I couldn’t be happier.

The wedding post that sticks out above them all (if you have one)…

This question is super hard because I’ve blogged so many awesome weddings that my favourite changes every week. However this one that I blogged this week is pretty darn incredible:

If it wasn’t a wedding blog, what else would you be writing about?

I’d probably have a lifestyle blog although my day to day life isn’t that exciting..! I’d have to work on that one first…

What would you do if you weren’t blogging?

I’d still be working at the shopping channel trying to flog Egyptian cotton towels and pots and pans to the poor unsuspecting British public!

What or who motivates you? 

Entrepreneurial women who march to the beat of their own drum, make their own path in life, buck tradition and do things their own way!

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