Beauty Blast: Estee Lauder Pure Color Cello Shots

For the past week I’ve been running around like a headless chicken and thanking the universe for the development of a new product that’s been a saving grace in keeping me from looking like a walking corpse. Estee Lauder have just released a new set of products for the summer called Pure Color Cello Shots. While they have released products for both lips and cheeks, I’ve been using the sheer colour for cheeks for my lips as well as my face to give a bit of a lift where a major lift is needed.

For those of you that have trouble with blush, consider this a dummy’s guide to colour for the cheeks. It’s super easy to apply, feels great as it has some amazing coolant system installed (not sure about the technical details but it really does make your skin cool down when applied) and can easily be layered to give as much colour as you desire. I’m very impressed with its blending ability, and this is coming from someone who usually manages to walk out the door looking like she’s been attacked by a bottle of blush. If I can do it, anyone can!

And of course I have to admit I’m a bit seduced by the names of the products as well. The cheek colours come in Hot Fuse, Pink Patent, X-Pose Rose (my preferred colour) and Techno Jam. Each cheek colour will set you back £24, but seems to last forever as you don’t need more than a squirt a day to keep dull skin at bay.


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