A London Balcony BBQ thanks to M&S #picnictreasurehunt

On Thursday night Mr. FFG and I hosted an impromptu BBQ in the centre of town for friends and family. I mention the location as it’s often quite difficult to BBQ in London, with the limited space and all that jazz. However, in the summer every off-license in town is flogging disposal BBQs and when the weather is right, you throw caution to the wind and light up the barbie. Our cook-out was prompted not only by the gorgeous weather but also a call from Marks & Spencer.

M&S had sent over a basket of BBQ foods to promote an exciting social activity for this weekend and they’ve asked me to spread the word. I’m addicted to Marks & Spencer food. It’s my local super market and my daily indulgence as the goods there are truly heaven on a plate, and the reason this writer is no sample size. It’s a love/hate relationship really.

So on to this social activity. This weekend, Marks & Spencer are hosting a #PicnicTreasureHunt on Sunday. All you have to do is follow @marksandspencer on twitter and track the clues to a picnic site where you could win a massive M&S picnic for four to enjoy there and then. So follow today and make sure and check the feed on Sunday. I can guarantee it’s worth your time and attention.


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