A handbag made of wine… perfect for picnics?

So here’s a question for you, FFG readers. Would you carry this handbag? It’s not your average handbag, you see. It’s not the latest “it bag” at fashion week, but it might just be the most interesting cooler we’ve ever seen. You see, this handbag is not full of makeup, brollies or a wallet. This handbag is filled from top to bottom with wine.

The seller of said bag, Vernissage, believes this will become the bag to carry this summer. My first thought is that they may be correct when it comes to festivals or picnics. It will certainly get people talking. However, I might start to worry if I see people walking around with and using said handbag on their way into work!

The Vernissage wine handbag has already won tons of awards for being an innovative product. But I’m wondering how it will sit with the public. The wines inside are, apparently, of the finest quality, a Languedoc-Roussillon variety. As there are 1.5 litres of wine in every bag, there’s plenty to share with friends. Red, white and rose are all on offer and each bag costs £25.99.


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