59-year-old Christie Brinkley puts 20-year-olds to shame on new cover of Haute Living

In the early 80’s, Billy Joel released a video called “Uptown Girl.” Christie Brinkley was the star, the woman that prompted a whole generation of men to loose their jaws to the floor. She was one of the “supers” that would define a generation of supermodels. Today, thirty years later, Brinkley is nearly 60 years old. Three decades may have passed, but somehow Brinkley hasn’t aged a single day. In fact, some may argue that Christie Brinkley is only just entering her prime, if her recent cover of Haute Living is anything to go by. 

Brinkley has graced over 500 magazine covers in her career, so she definitely knows how to strike a pose. But surprisingly, in her Haute Living interview, Brinkley reveals she pretty much has the same body issues most of us experience on a daily basis. She shares: “I came across an older picture of me that someone had posted on Facebook and I totally remember squirming and feeling very fat while I was shooting it. And I look at it now and think, I was actually really thin! How is it possible that I felt so uncomfortable in that body?” 

Read the complete interview on Haute Living.


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