Winding through the streets of Oia

Over the past few days, since returning from Mystique, I’ve been telling those who have asked after my tan that I went to the Greek Island of Santorini. However, I feel as if I needed to pay special attention to the part of the island where we called home for 48 hours, as this little paradise is definitely worthy of specific recognition.

Oia is a town on the island of Santorini that sits atop the cliffs of the island. The streets of Oia are narrow and built with a combination of rocky and flat stones. As you snake through the streets you feel transported to another place. Restaurants, galleries, jewellery stores and souvenir shops line the alleyways, making this a hive of activity for tourists. Dogs shuffle past the tourists as their owners beckon you inside to take a closer look at merchandise. Both the animals and the people that call Oia home are some of the most pleasant I’ve come across in my travels. I could only think that when you live in such a beautiful setting, you have absolutely nothing to be grumpy about, right?

While I did enjoy the shopping aspect of Oia, it was the architecture that had me turning my head this way and that. As all the houses, hotels and shops are built into the cliffs of the town, you can imagine it is a sight to behold. I don’t think my camera has ever snapped more frequently, and that’s a major statement since it works every fashion week from New York to Milan. 

Here’s a peak at what we discovered in Oia, Greece. Again, dear reader, I urge you to discover this paradise for yourself one day. While the pictures help to share the experience, there is no way I can ever capture what it’s like to stand in the centre of town as the sun sets and the sweet and salty air fills your nostrils. It’s pure magic. 


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