Watch: Kiera Knightley as Coco Chanel, the complete film

If you have 18 minutes to spare today, at work or at home, press the play button below on Karl Lagerfeld’s film all about Coco Chanel’s first shop in Deauville, France. Set in 1913, Kiera Knightley takes the lead role as Coco Chanel and has a supporing cast that would make a Vogue cover proud. We see Lindsey Wixson, Ashleigh GoodTallulah HarlechCaroline de MaigretAmanda HarlechStella TennantJamie Bochert, and Saskia de Brauw, all appear in black and white on screen for the short. 

We’d love to know what you think of the film. Thus far, the thoughts are that perhaps some of the models shouldn’t quit their day jobs… but it’s a light and nicely shot film, all being said and done.


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