Video: Celebs Read Mean Tweets… Brilliant!

Have you ever written something mean to a celebrity on twitter and thought nothing of it? Well, one might think these guys are invincible human beings that can take anything, but the truth is that most of them do actually read the comments made about them on twitter. As hard as it is to believe, celebrities are in fact real people and when you tag them in a message on twitter, more times than not they are going to see it and it’s going to affect their day just as someone saying something mean about you might ruin yours. 

One big guy taking a stand on the issue is Jimmy Kimmel and he’s fighting back with humour. He has now released four segments of “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets,” and we think it’s absolutely genius. Here’s his latest. Hopefully, it will make us all think twice before we sound off on other human beings on twitter, famous or not. 


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