The sunsets over Santorini…

Since I started Fashion Foie Gras four years ago, I have had some truly unforgettable moments. I find pinching myself doesn’t even do the trick these days. Some moments are so fantastic that you just go with the flow and accept that it all just must be a dream that you’ll wake up from at any moment.  This was definitely the case as I sat on a stone wall on Saturday night and watched as the sun set over the Greek Island of Santorini.

Mr. FFG and I snaked our way through the skinny stone marketplace alleys of Oia to the cliffs at the far end of the town where we could see the orange sun beginning to set. I’m not entirely sure what I expected to find as I approached the sea. However, I was not prepared to be met with a crowd of people large enough to fill a mainstream movie theatre. Only these folks didn’t have the look of those about to sit for a cinema moment. Each and every facial expression was one of pure bliss. As every indiviudal looked out upon the sea and watched as this beautiful orange orb reached down into the horizon, there was an emotion present that is impossible to describe. We were all sitting in the presence of such amazing natural beauty and that was our common ground, what we all shared even though no words were shared between us at all.

There were accents from every part of the globe present on the walls of Oia in Santorini on that night. While we sat on the highest point on the coastal cliffs, there were other more strategic viewpoints around the island such as the ruins seen below. 

I found myself envious of those who lived in cottages or worked in cafes along the coastline. This was a finish to the day that they enjoyed every day. What a magical place to call your home. 

On our first night in Santorini we watched the sunset from the far side of Oia where we enjoyed a glass of bubbly to close the day. We then promised to come back the following night, and any night after that if we ever found ourselves on the island again.

The one wish I have for you all is that you will have the opportunity to see the sunset from the cliffs of Oia for yourself. Yes, these pictures capture a fraction of the beauty present, but I can never really share with you how special it is to sit there and watch such beauty unfold before you.

I must thank Starwood Preferred Guests and Mystique Oia, again, for allowing me to be a guest in such a magnificent setting.


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