The Great Gatsby Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring as worn by Carey Mulligan, aka Daisy, is worth $3.9 million!

This weekend, while shopping with Mr. FFG, we decided to pop into Tiffany & Co. The windows drew us in as they were all appropriately themed to reflect the firms involvement with The Great Gatsby. Since I’d previewed the film last week, I’d had one piece of jewellery stuck in my head. Before we are introduced to Carey Mulligan’s character Daisy in the film, we meet her massive engagement ring first. As she frolics with a friend on the couch, their fingers intertwine and the biggest diamond I’ve yet to encounter sparkles from Daisy’s finger. I couldn’t take my eyes off of this beautiful bling. Before the ring exited the shot I whispered to Mr. FFG… “If you were looking for the perfect engagement ring, you’ve just seen it.”

Then came the visit to Tiffany’s. We walked in and instead of heading for the engagement ring section of the counter, I went straight for a sales assistant. “Do you have The Great Gatsby engagement ring in stock by chance?” Asking such a question I knew what the answer would be, but for entertainment value it can’t be beat. Of course they wouldn’t have such a ring just sitting out in the counter for all to see. It’s a gem, a rarity, a ring so beautiful it demands it’s own team of security guards to follow it around town. That all being said, the answer I was given from the sales assistant was stunning. She took a moment to go to the back and ask the appropriate questions and returned with an image of the ring in a look book. As she flipped to the page and pointed out the beauty I had fallen for she stated, “the ring Carey Mulligan wore in the The Great Gatsby has a value of $3.9 million. Sadly, it has already been sold so is not available for sale.” 

Now, dear reader, blogging has not been so good to me that I can afford to think about a $3.9 million diamond. I wish I could report otherwise, but sadly this is not the case. So when I was informed that the ring was a) $3.9 million dollars and b) already sold, I used the absolute correct expression in receiving this answer. I appeared to be greatly saddened because of course who wouldn’t want to wear a $3.9 million dollar diamond ring on their finger?  Apparently someone in the world right now is doing just that. Being the continued professional, the Tiffany’s sales assistant then led me over the counter where she proceeded to show me ring after ring that might delivery the same enthusiastic reaction. At this point, naturally, Mr. FFG was still recovering in the corner from having heard his partner had her eyes set on a ring that was $3.9 million.

This story will continue… one day…


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