Rupert and the Recorder: Announcing the Music Bag Collection from Rupert Sanderson

A few weeks ago I found myself in the Rupert Sanderson showroom examining the autumn winter 2013 collection. Anyone familiar with the brand knows these are the shoes favoured by celebs the world over for everything from red carpet style to sidewalk strolls. The new collection is naturally no exception. However, there was a new element on show in the studio that will see Rupert Sanderson moving from women’s feet to the hand/shoulder arena. Ok, that wording doesn’t’ work out brilliantly. What I’m trying to say is Rupert Sanderson has created a handbag collection and what’s particularly interesting about this new venture is the inspiration behind the collection.

It turns out Rupert Sanderson dabbled in playing the recorder when he was a young boy. For the younger generations out there, you may not be familiar with this worldwide phenomenon when kids were introduced to the idea of music by being forced to play an instrument that, to me at least, always seemed like a child’s clarinet. In the USA we just threw ours in our backpacks without much thought of keeping them safe. Seems kids in the UK had a little bit more respect for their musical instruments. How do I know this? Well, I got to meet Rupert Sanderson’s music bag from when he was a six-year-old. This is one chic piece of leather, people, so chic in fact that it inspired a whole collection of handbags.

Yes, the Rupert Sanderson collection is entirely inspired by Rupert’s old leather music satchel. And there’s no mistaking that the satchel we are shown belonged to Mr. Sanderson. His name is scribbled all over the front. Perhaps the first indication that one day his name would be a label to covet?

The bags are now available to purchase at


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