Paris bound with Cartier to discover the Paris Nouvelle Vague collection

It’s been a few months since I told you I was headed to Paris on a top secret mission. I suspect, at this point, you’ve forgotten I was there at all. It has been extremely difficult to stay hush hush on my reasons for Eurostaring over to Paris for all this time, but I can now reveal that I was in town on a special appointment with none other than Cartier. I mean if one must be in Paris, can you think of a better tour guide than the brand that decorates some of the world’s most sophisticated individuals in France and further afield? 

Cartier had asked me to pop over to be one of the first to photograph and try on their latest, the Cartier Paris Nouvelle Vague Collection. I don’t suppose I have to go into too much detail as to why I felt breathless as I stood before precious jewels masterfully set to create wearable works of art. However, with this collection in particular there was a feeling of real appreciation for emotion and the way in which a woman’s personality is reflected in the jewellery she chooses to purchase. 

The collection itself is made up of seven different personalities or characters celebrating the Cartier Parisian woman – Mischievous, Voluptuous, Impish, Emancipated, Sparking, Glamour and Delicate. 

As the press release reads, this is “A collection designed as a hymn to her multiple nuances and hues, her secrets of seduction and style.” It is a rather catchy tune, that hymn, I’ll freely admit that. As I slipped on bracelets and necklaces worth more than I make in a year, maybe a few years actually, I instantly tuned in to what it must feel like to be the Cartier woman. Oh it is a magical feeling indeed. 

Here’s your first official look at a selection of the pieces from the collection. {}


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