Lena Dunham has a message for those who call her fat

Occasionally on twitter there are tweets that deserve special recognition, aka their own space to shine here on Fashion Foie Gras. Enter Lena Dunham, the girl behind Girls who has made great strides in reworking the way in which we see the modern twenty-something. Lena Dunham is not supermodel thin. She’s also not fat. She’s probably right there in the “average” mark. However, the industry she works in classifies anyone over a size four as being obese. It’s not cool but it’s the way things currently work.

Now, here comes the tweet. Last night Lena tweeted the following:

“Rule: if you call me fat I block you. There just aren’t enough days on this earth. Let us do on twitter what we couldn’t do in high school!”

Need I say more? The actress is a legend and she ain’t changing for anyone. So for all you haters out there, call her what you will but she’ll block you. And trust us, she’s having the last laugh. I don’t even want to think how many zeroes she has on her current bank statement.


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