Happy Mother’s Day from what feels like a million miles away

(Me and momma goose from kids to grown-ups…man, I had some ugly faces as a kid)

My mother and I used to scream and shout at each other like you wouldn’t belief. What we used to scream and shout about, however, may come as the biggest surprise. Our arguments were over clothing. I would come downstairs dressed for school every morning and inevitably my mother would say, “Go back upstairs and change immediately. You aren’t wearing that to school.” Looking back I can see, clearly my mother was doing me a favour.

As I was a child of the eighties and nineties, I played with some of the most ridiculous trends out there and had my mother not stopped me dead in my tracks I probably would have gone down a very different path with my style…. a path with a very abrupt dead-end. Keeping this in mind, I think there is no one on this earth more surprised by my current occupation than the woman that had to send me crying back up the stairs every morning to change into more suitable attire. Mom… I owe you one!

So why bring all this up today? Well, today’s a tough day in the Fashion Foie Gras household. It’s Mother’s Day in America and I’m over 3,000 miles away from the mother I should be hugging at this very moment. While there are a thousand and one reasons I should be there right now, more than any I should be there because this is the first Mother’s Day my mom is celebrating without her own mother on earth.  Such a thought quite literally runs shivers up my spine. Imagining being here without my mother on the other end of a phone is something I can’t, and won’t ever be able to comprehend. But right now, at this very moment, that is what my own mother is dealing with. So I thought I’d take a few moments to give a shout out to Momma J, or more appropriately titled “Momma Goose.”

If it weren’t for Momma Goose, there would be no Fashion Foie Gras. Since I was a young one, my mother worked hard to instill a belief that absolutely anything was possible. I was born into an era where the doors were wide open for women to do almost anything they wanted in life. We didn’t have to be housewives, we could be pioneers of Fortune 500 companies, if that was our desire. While I blew this way or that way on whether or not I wanted to settle down in the South or scatter my goose feathers further afield, my mother always let me know she’d be there to help me wherever I landed. The fact that I’ve landed so far away, and have stayed here for the past 11 years, however, has perhaps ruffled a few feathers with Momma Goose. I think she expected I’d soar away, but like a boomerang, sore back to my hometown to lay the foundation for my future. While most weeks are “manageable,” days like today are always the hardest.

So I’d like to say this to Momma Goose today… While there are giant oceans between us, there is no one that I carry closer in my heart. Everything I am today, everything I stand for, everything I believe in and everything I have become is because of you and your belief in me. All those fights, tears shed, harsh words and ridiculous eye rolls have lead us to today where I’m lucky enough to call my mom my best friend.

Next year we’re spending Mother’s Day together. And who knows… maybe both of us will be mothers at that point. Ok, don’t freak out! I’m not preggers! But wouldn’t it be fun to have some baby geese running around the marsh sometime soon?

Love you mom,

The Fashion Goose


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