FFG Travel Guide: Il Salviatino in Fiesole, Italy

It seems like a lifetime ago that I was staying at Il Salviatino in Fiesole, when in reality it was just two weeks ago. This is what happens when you get a taste of paradise and have to come back to reality.

Twelve years ago I called Florence, Italy home. I fell in love with the magical city that would eventually lead me back to Europe for the next decade of my life. Florence is so rich in history and overflowing with culture that it is quite overwhelming upon being thrown in the first time. This is why, I find, some people choose to spend their days in Florence and their evenings on the outskirts in the beautiful hotels and villas built into the hills that surround the city. On my weekends, years ago, I used to visit the hills of Fiesole to find my peace away from Florence. I would never dream that years later I would be invited back to stay in one of the most beautiful hotels in the hillside town. But here I stayed and herewith is my story…

We arrived at Il Salviatino late in the evening. It was dark but the lights of Florence twinkled before us as we stepped out onto the veranda to meet our group for dinner. I picked up my camera to take a picture but realized no camera was capable of capturing what was laid out before me. Dear reader, I decided this would be a feature of the hotel I would leave for you to discover yourselves. There are some moments I have to keep sacred for you all.

Dinner was on another level of culinary indulgence. I would find that Il Salviatino had a distinct agenda to fatten me up over the next 48 hours. Never in my life have I eaten so much. From the rich, some might say downright decadent, risotto at dinner to the overflowing breakfast tray in the morning, it was definitely a carb-filled weekend. We all know that food doesn’t count on holidays, right? Well, if you are watching your weight don’t even bother coming to Italy as you quite simply cannot say no when this glorious food is put in front of you.

I returned to my suite after dinner with a belly that was quite nicely as full as can be. I laid upon my bed and examined my surroundings, trying to think of how I would describe this space. Perhaps the best way to go about it is to explain that the room itself seemed like something from another era entirely and one that fit perfectly within the surroundings. However, the space was sneakily filled with modern conveniences, which would leave the guest feeling very settled indeed. From the Nespresso machine to the TV in the antique mirror, it was all there, just cleverly disguised (check out video below for more).

Our adventures throughout the weekend extended outside the hotel. For me it’s always a good sign when a hotel gives you an option to enjoy their own comfortable facilities but also encourages you to take in your surroundings and return to Il Salviatino for siestas or an evening of rest. On this particular weekend, we took in so much that upon returning to the hotel I would almost always nearly pass out onto the oversized plush bed.

Now before I give you a peak into the world of Il Salviatino, I must share a word or two about the staff. In this day and age you can stay in the best location on earth and have a miserable experience because of a team of staff that are generally unpleasant. At Il Salviatino, the location is superb, the villa itself is beyond beautiful, but the staff make this experience truly come alive. I cannot say enough wonderful things about everyone in this hotel from the handsome gentleman who opened our car door to the lovely PR manager who saw to it that our trip was absolutely flawless.

Thank you, Il Salviatino, for showing me a new side of Florence and Fiesole!

(Note: Keep an eye out as there are more stories to tell on all the fabulous things we discovered with Il Salviatino in Florence and beyond)

Visit Il Salviatino online – http://salviatino.com

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