FFG Favourite Spots in London: Parliament Hill

While this picture might show off a lovely spring sunset in London, rest assured those people seen atop Hampstead Heath on Parliament Hill are all wearing jackets and scarves. It was a cold one out there tonight, a beautiful day closed with a frosty finish.

I’ve been thinking a lot about all the travel I’ve been doing lately and I realized all too often I speak about all the other countries I visit and not enough about the wonderful country I call home – England!
Here in London there is so much to discover that even after 11 years here I am still surprised by the things I unearth on a daily basis. However, the classics will always remain intact. So this summer I want to bring you closer to some of the spots that are “classics” in my London library, kicking off with Parliament Hill.

Parliament Hill is located on Hampstead Heath in north London. If you are a movie buff and unfamiliar with the area, I would best describe it as being a place near to where Julia Roberts was filming her period piece in the film Notting Hill. That exact place, however, would of course be Kenwood House… don’t worry, it will be featured here soon enough. Parliament Hill has always been dear to my heart because it was where I had my first full view of the city of London. As you sit atop this hill, the entire city is stretched before you and it is truly a magical moment, whether at sunset, sunrise or midday even.

Not only is Parliament Hill a great spot for city viewing, it’s also a mound where many folks gather for picnics, kite flying, dog walking and even sledding when it snows. In the summer you will find it heaving with beautiful folks and families that have packed up and moved to Parliament Hill for all hours the sun decides to shine.

As I’ve moved west, I miss this spectacular spot in my backyard. That being said, I’m planning a picnic as soon as the temperature decides to stay at summer dress levels of warm, so maybe I’ll see you there! If you are in London, please do make this a must visit. Pubs in the surrounding areas make for lovely al fresco dining if you haven’t packed a picnic. There’s also a lovely spot for ice cream at the base of the hill if you have kids that need a bit more encouragement to tag along.


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