Do you have a tattoo? Share the love…

A few months ago I received a press kit from Donna Ida containing, amongst many other things, a set of fake tattoos (see Love above). For years I have played with fake tattoos. I think my first was at a school fair when I was about six. I’m sure at the time my parents were a wee bit concerned that I seemed to be obsessed with covering my body in strange sayings or images, or a combination even.

Yet, here I sit at the age of 33 with not one real tattoo to speak of. I’ve watched enviously as friends have come home with wonderful works of art or meaningful words printed on their skin for all eternity, but I myself have yet to step into the parlour for decoration. You see I am a commitment-phobe in every sense of the word. So when it comes to something as permanent as a tattoo, you can understand I like to stick my head in the sand and avoid the idea completely. Give me a fake tattoo any day of the week and some soap to wipe it off when I’m bored of the choice after three days. That’s my MO.

So I’m just wondering, dear reader, if you have walked down the road of body art and what you’ve chosen to display and how? Please share in the comments below… I’d love to hear stories of what, where, how and when!

Also, feel free to share any thoughts on tattoos in general… I know it’s an area where many have very strong opinions both for and against the idea.


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