The cut that saved my long locks… thank you, Joel Goncalves.

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she meets the man of her
dreams. He’s the man who makes you look better than you’ve ever imagined
you could look. He’s the man who you share your most intimate secrets
with. He’s the man who makes you want to strut your stuff with a new
found confidence as you walk out his door. This man is your hairdresser.
Many spend decades looking for their perfect fit. When the time comes
and destiny introduces you to your hair maestro, the world feels as if
its finally spinning in your favour.

Today, on New Cavendish Street in London I met my perfect partner and he goes by the name Joel Goncalves.

A few weeks ago I felt an urge to part with my locks. I was sick of the
long hair look. I felt like a hippie queen stuck in a park avenue
mindset, o I’d made up my mind that I needed a change. I asked a good
friend to recommend the place to part with my locks and the John Frieda
was introduced with the name Joel Goncalves – the man that has been trusted with some of the most precious heads of hair in existence. Fast forward a few days and I had an appointment
to sit in the chair with Joel… Who might as well be called the hair
whisperer. He is actually more formally known as the creative director of John Frieda.

I attempted to explain my hair situation. Honestly, not much had to be
said. When you meet your “one” he knows what you need much more than you
do. And truly people, one should always listen to the experts. Here I
wanted, or thought I wanted to chop, and Joel told me I wasn’t the girl
with short hair right now. Instead of cutting the long locks, Joel cut
into the hair and gave it structure and movement where before it lay
over my shoulders and down my back like an old worn coat.

As I stepped out of the John Frieda salon and caught that first blast of
wind in my hair, I felt like a Hollywood star. Ladies, you know exactly
what I’m talking about. And if you don’t, allow me to advise you to
find the man who can create this transformation for you immediately.

Joel, I am forever grateful for your serious scissor hands. I think I’ve
annoyed all of London flipping my hair this way and that this evening. I
think I need to have a tattoo on my forehead with an arrow pointing to
my bouncing hair with the words “created by Joel Goncalves at John Frieda.” I hope
you don’t mind me sharing you around with all my beautiful readers. I
simply couldn’t help but say a very public thank you for talking me out
of chopping and into lovely layered locks!


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