A shout out to Hockley London and remembering London Fashion Week

When one is having lunch with an editor and said editor mentions they fell in love with a fur coat you were wearing over fashion week, it instantly becomes a topic of further discussion. Such was the case last week as as I sat at Cecconi’s and explained to an editor all about my unhealthy obsession with Hockley London. She had mentioned that she had been meaning to ask me about one orange-ish poncho I sported on day two of London Fashion Week and had just never really come around to it. 

Apparently Madame Editor was waiting for me to do a story on FFG about my winter warmer from LFW. In fact, I embarrassingly told her I thought I had instagrammed about the item and tweeted about my luxury obsession but had not acknowledged the beautiful pieces in the manner they deserved. Her response… “it’s never too late.” 

So that’s why we find ourselves here today folks, where I belatedly acknowledge my London Fashion Week love affair with the incredible design and industry expertise found with Hockley London fur and showcase the styles I sported. I wore not one, but three of their pieces during London Fashion Week last season and there was an overwhelming response from friends and family present at the tents. Yes, there were the occasional few that had something to say about me stepping out in fur. I, of course, took the opportunity to explain to them why when it comes to fur I’ve done my research and my buying starts and stops with Hockley London. 

While hopefully the sun will start to shine and you will see me moving from fur to smart cotton summer dresses, I am, for now at least, still sporting the smaller accessories to keep warm on the colder London mornings. Hard to believe I’m saying that and it’s almost June here! 

Note: If you haven’t read my piece on the background of Hockley, I’d like to encourage you to do so now, before flying off the handle at the mention of fur. 


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