New Dog food ad inspired by the rise of the “Selfie” portrait popular with fashion bloggers the world over

On my latest press trip I remember hearing a woman criticising my fellow fashion bloggers as they held their camera in front of them and snapped away, at arm’s length, as they moved this way or that. The rise of the “selfie” picture has taken over. Even I am a victim. With no one else to take my picture as I head to this or that, I find myself trying to capture certain moments that I’d like to remember. Some I share, but most end up hidden away for my own personal photographic diary.

Now it seems the “selfie” portrait has actually inspired an advertising campaign. Champion Dog Food are claiming your dog will look so good after eating it that he or she will be bringing out the camera to capture their new beauty. Clever, ad agency, very clever. Now should fashion bloggers take offence at such a showcase or be proud that our selfies are inspiring such creative thinking?

{source: Ads of the World}


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