Moved and motivated by “Searching for Sugar Man”

You don’t usually see film reviews on Fashion Foie Gras. We leave these for the experts. You can only be knowledgeable in so many things, right? Film just isn’t an area in which we are well versed. Let’s just say Romantic Comedies we could wax lyrical on, beyond that it’s a struggle. That being said, I personally was so moved by a film this weekend that I felt it was worth personally recommending to you. Yes, this is a first and, no, I’m not about to go on about cinematography or fabulous scripts. In fact, there were no scripts and if the shots seem magical, I do believe it’s the tale itself that makes them so. So here we go…

Earlier this year, as we watched awards shows pronounce this or that film a winner, there was one name that kept coming up that felt like the underdog – “Searching for Sugar Man” (it took home the Academy Award for Best Documentary 2012). Every weekend I’d say this was the weekend to watch it. I didn’t know the storyline. I just knew it was a story that had left everyone speechless after watching. It was supposedly “inspiring” and incredibly humbling.

So this weekend I downloaded the movie from iTunes and began watching…

In the past four years of watching films in my home, I have always worked through them. This basically meant that I had my laptop fired up and was flipping back between paying attention to what was on the big screen and what I was writing on the laptop screen. Yes, I have a bit of an ADD thing going on here. That being said, I kept my laptop open for only the first two minutes of the film. That was all it took to get me hooked. From that point on I couldn’t even get up off of the couch for a cup of tea. I was captivated.

As the film finished, I had tears in my eyes and a drive inside of me like nothing I have experienced before. Nope, not even Tony Robbins can bring about this sort of intense motivation!  So what’s it all about? Here’s the trailer to give you a quick glimpse. I’ll just say this, watch it. I promise you won’t regret it.


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